Chiropractic Care

Our team has decades of experience in Chiropractic Care Technology.

Importance of Chiropractor Care Technology

Chiropractic has recently become technologically integrated in a variety of ways. Chiropractors are now using technologically-advanced instruments  linked to computers, software, and other devices for accurate treatment.

Chiropractic clinics have established electronic health records software; ensuring patient records, financial information, and treatment protocol are available from any device in the clinic. Scheduling has grown technologically, with clinic providing patients with online portals to schedule appointments.

How Alt Choice Technologies Can Help Chiropractic Care

Technology is not usually top of mind for patients in need of chiropractic care, but Alt Choice Technologies is quickly changing that mindset as more practices move to a value-based healthcare model.

Technology is at the forefront of many practices, creating efficiencies for the business while improving the patient experience.

Patient Technology

Patient data can provide valuable insight into your methods of practice and can help you better educate other patients, too.

Use these opportunities to educate your patients on food-related inflammation of muscles and joints and suggest supplements that can help patients improve their vitamin and mineral intake.


Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

EHR systems with algorithms that focus on patient data also allow chiropractors to see where patients are first hearing about them, demographic trends, primary pain complaints, and medical billing statistics.

EHRs are becoming easier to use with other programs thanks to advanced Cloud software and interoperability.

Areas of Chiropractic Care Technology

TeleHealth Portals

Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of telehealth has been the most practically transformative source of change in health care in a decade.

Telehealth provides solutions to several significant challenges confronted by our health care system.

Cloud Computing EHR

The use of cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) systems in chiropractic practices has been increasing at an exponential rate. 

Ensure and monitor the security of electronic data including text messages, emails, video and audio must all be in place to meet compliance needs.

Policy Level Management

Data-driven policies and procedures demand that the chiropractor collect information and apply it meaningfully to the treatment of their patients.

Information can be analyzed, assessed, and transferred down into today’s evolving practices, manifesting in the form of more successful courses of care.