Our Solutions

When our clients encounter their hardest problems, our goal is to implement our services to ensure fast, solid and long-term solutions.

Maintenance Services

Our fully-staffed team can provide the first class support your company needs. From Help Desk to complex infrastructure, we support your IT team.

Monitoring Services; Alert Services

Allow us to monitor your critical systems and provide alerts for quick response to system faults and outages.

Anti-virus; Anti-malware

We take the protection of systems seriously. One malicious email can result in long interruptions in business production. We can deploy a full spectrum security solution from the edge of your network to the workstations.

Hosting Services

Do you need to upgrade or install new servers? Use our hardware and infrastructure instead. Save time and money with server upgrades and net new with our managed servers.

Virtual and Interim Staffing Services

We have seasoned professionals with decades of acumen, ranging from support desk to CIO, to assist your organization with project requirements or even executive project needs.

Centralized Services

With our infrastructure, we can provide end-to-end systems. Eliminate finger-pointing between multiple system providers. We can provide: Internet, Phones, Servers, Purchasing, IT, and Security. You can consolidate systems, lower response and repair time, with a single phone call.

Clinical Interface Support and Monitoring

Experienced HL7 error processing and Interface Monitoring.

PC Workstation(s)

Maximize production by keeping your workstation fleet secure and up to date. We manage and support the software configuration, security, patches, and updates for workstations. In addition, we can provide desk-side support for all managed workstations.


Servers are crucial for organizations and users to access resources. Our team can provide support for your servers, keeping them up to date with software and windows updates. We can also keep them safe with industry-specific security requirements.